The Law Offices of Barry I. Mortge represents clients in the following types of cases:

Commercial Litigation – Commercial disputes ranging from breach of contract cases to declaratory judgment and injunctive relief matters.

Real Estate Litigation -  Breach of real estate contracts, boundary disputes and other real estate disputes.

Partnership and Closely held Business Shareholder Dispute – Any matter in which there is a conflict between partners, members or shareholders in which breaches of duties are alleged.  This will include separation agreements and the division of assets.

Landlord-Tenant Disputes – Primarily representing landlords in commercial and residential eviction cases, but will also represent tenants.

Mortgage Foreclosures – Represents lenders, as well as borrowers in some instances, in mortgage foreclosure cases.

Mechanics Liens – Preparation and recording of Mechaincs’ Liens as well as the prosecution and defense of Mechanics’ Lien matters.